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Subject Intent:

To increase pupils’ prospects by:

Enabling them to effectively think like an Historian and gain age appropriate knowledge, skills and understanding of History.

  1. Individual growth and aspiration
  • To have an understanding of their heritage.
  • To understand how events in the world have shaped their heritage.
  1. Individual cultural identity, global citizenship and equality of all
  • Know stories about a range of people that have lived in a variety of cultures in the past.
  • Know stories about a range of people associated with Gloucester in the past.
  • Know about a range of events that have happened locally, in Britain and in the wider world in the past.
  • Be able to identify differences between their own lives and those of people who have lived in the past.
  • Know about the main similarities and differences between past societies they have studied.
  • Know about the ideas, beliefs, attitudes and experiences of people in the past.
  1. Media skills and communication
  • To be able to reflect upon and analyse sources using a critical lens and understand the influences of the period.
  • To understand how history has influenced our world today and recognise patterns in happenings.
  1. Participatory citizenship and entrepreneurship
  • To understand that the history of one country may have impacted upon and shaped the viewpoints of existing cultures.
  1. Responsibility of the environment, well-being and a sustainable future
  • Understand that events and peoples actions have causes and effects.
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