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Our Thinking and Learning house creatively reflects our commitment to developing pupils’ skills across the curriculum and at all levels.


Its ‘foundations’ consider the basic needs that we have to have in place including having high expectations of ourselves and others, wellbeing and even ensuring staff development supports pupils’ development.

The first storey of the house reflects the gathering process – seeking out what the pupils already know and can do.  Or, as is the case with many, giving them initial experiences to build upon.

The ‘processing’ storey is all the ‘doing’.  Most of the time in lessons pupils will be practising new skills and enhancing their existing knowledge and understanding, individually, in pairs and in groups of different sizes.

Applying the skills, knowledge and understanding that pupils have acquired often has creative outcomes including social enterprise events, performances, raising money for charity, all intended ‘to make the world a better place’.

For further detail into crafting well sequenced plans and lessons you should read the Teaching and Learning Policy.


Throughout their Coopers Edge learning journey pupils will participate in the following experiences, as often as possible to enhance their lives:  Adventurous activities, cooking healthy meals, using different forms of transport, working with the older generation, representing their school in sporting events

With the supporting choices of: Visiting museums, going to farms and religious places of interest, receiving career advice, participating in residential trips, teaching someone else, meeting different cultures/races/sexualities, linking with different countries/schools, tasting a variety of different foods and participating in performances.

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