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Subject Intent:

To increase pupils’ prospects by:

Enabling them to effectively think like an scientist and gain age appropriate knowledge, skills and understanding of Science.

  1. Individual growth and aspiration
  • To develop pan interest and curiosity of the world around them so that they intuitively question and think scientifically about problems they encounter.
  • To develop scientific understanding and conceptual knowledge.
  • To work practically to investigate and draw conclusions about scientific concepts, while also being about to show a child’s progression through the school and beyond.
  • To be curious and ask questions about the world around them.
  • Children will develop an understanding of the world of work and how specifically someone can make a forge a career for themselves within science.
  • To understand how science has influenced their lives in particular (medical, transportation, space etc).
  1. Individual cultural identity, global citizenship and equality of all
  • To identify how scientific discoveries have changed cultural identities.
  • To identify the social and economic implications of science.
  1. Media skills and communication
  • To identify how the media is used to present new scientific theories and discoveries.
  • To be able to effectively interpret and analyse what is presented in the media.
  • To be able to articulate their understanding and knowledge while using specific scientific language.
  1. Participatory citizenship and entrepreneurship
  • To participate in science events in the wider community/school.
  1. Responsibility of the environment, well-being and a sustainable future
  • To understand how new scientific ideas, contribute to preserving the environment.
  • To use their scientific knowledge to understand how they can contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • To research the importance of caring for the environment and becoming more sustainable.

Subject Implementation:

Science Subject Implementation
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