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To increase pupils’ prospects by:

Enabling them to effectively think like theologians and philosophers and gain age appropriate knowledge, skills and understanding of Religious Education.

Participatory citizenship and entrepreneurship

  • Show respect for all beliefs, and religious concepts studied
  • Understand and articulate human rights and British values linked to traditions in Great Britain today.

Aspiration and Individual growth

  • Develop key critical thinking skills: open-mindedness, and problem solving.
  • Develop the ability to question concepts and ideas and develop their own conclusions

Communication and media skills

  • identify, describe, explain and analyse beliefs and concepts in the context of living religions sympathetically, using appropriate vocabulary
  • Articulating their own beliefs, values and commitments clearly.
  • Develop the ability to debate concepts and ideas sensitively.

Equality of all

  • Understand and appreciate their own cultural identity and British values whilst celebrating diversity.
  • Understand and appreciate beliefs and faiths and how their practices have an impact on the lives of believers.

Responsibility of the environment, well-being and a sustainable future

  • Understand how different faiths and beliefs show care for the environment and a sustainable future.
  • Reflect on their own responsibility towards the environment and a sustainable future.


Subject Implementation:

Coopers Edge School Curriculum Coverage: 

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